12 comments on “Was it selfish? Was it necessary?

  1. It was not selfish to defend ourselves, we need to do anything we can to prevent new victims, how can that be selfish? The false information put people’s lives in danger.

  2. reading this is making me cry. find an aspergers kid and set IT on fire!!?? maybe we need to be re-thinking our definitions, as a society, of mental illness, personality disorder, fringe behavior, etc. in my opinion, anyone who did what the newtown shooter did, and also anyone who would talk about finding a ______ (person of any fringe group, or any classification of person at all) and setting them on fire, is most definitely mentally ill. nevermind if they wear green socks, are missing a limb, have diabetes, have aspergers, or swim in the lake in the summer. maybe people are prone to point fingers when something like this happens because it helps them to make sense of something that is so far removed from normal human behavior. i sincerely hope our society will look a little deeper this time.

    • I do think that when a person who is associated with any particular group (race, nationality, etc.) commits a crime, it is common to see people associating that entire group with the tendency to commit that crime. Their respective communities naturally speak up and say hey, don’t lump us all together with that person; his race/nationality/etc. had nothing to do with it. What took people by surprise this time, I think, was that autistic people actually have a community that spoke up to defend itself the same way. Seeing autistics (and their advocates) as a community is very new but this experience has shown us that our voice absolutely must be loud and persistent.

  3. It was necessary. Evidence of an autistic community, and in action, was heartwarming. We live in a complex world, in which it is possible for the many aspects of something to be engaged with simultaneously; defending the place of those who are autistic has not diluted grief and bewilderment to do with those children and adults who died.

  4. I ran into similar comments in my workplace as well. I’ve already been cautioned, by what I assume are well meaning co-workders, to be less open about my own diagnosis. My insurance called me with mental wellness and anger management courses that were available in my area, completely unsolicited by me. Our apartment neighbors (who we have lived near for 2 years without hardly speaking) asked me if they should be on alert to call police if they hear my daughter distressed or causing a disturbance. It is unfathomable to me the responses that people are having to this information. And like you said, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if left unchecked and unresponded to for any amount of time.

    • That’s just horrifying, Zara. It upsets me to think that the same behavior that people understood before is now telling them our children are scary. 😦

    • Insurance companies contact many subscribers with mental wellness and anger management courses available in the subscribers area along with many other resources and programs in the subscribers area. This time of year can be tough for a lot of people and they would rather provide this infomation before a problem arises rather than needing to provide grief and bereavement counseling information later.

  5. A waffle, seriously? Either that person is joking or they have their concerns in all the wrong places. This is an serious issue but sometimes their is comedy in it. How can people think like that? =’D

    But seriously, I hope others see it the same way, as incredibly silly. All of this hate and misinformation is silly, I hope people don’t fall for it. It saddens me to know that many already have.

    • I think that with emotions still running high in the wake of the CT shooting, people are more prone to panic over what they would otherwise see as silly things. I sincerely hope that they will return to reason after some time has passed, and that the damage won’t become irreversible in the meantime.

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