5 comments on “Redefining a good time

  1. Being autistic myself, I’ve been explaining my definition of fun my whole life. My friends eventually accepted that I really do enjoy low key hanging out more than sensory intense activities. I’m so glad Nick has your understanding in this.

    • Being an introvert comes in handy that way. I will happily send the other kids off with their dad to the loud crowds while Nick and I sit by a river.

  2. My daughter is autistic, and we’ve learned that life’s special events should not be something that has to be endured. We’re not going to my husband’s family for xmas this year, because it’s just too loud for her. I’d love it if she was happier in noisy situations, for HER comfort, but it is what it is. I don’t need to drag her to Disneyland to prove I can show my child a good time.

  3. I have a son who is autistic and he is obsessed with reptiles. Fortunately, there is a small facility near us where he goes and can stay a while with no crowds. We also live on a pond, and he loves to fish! He is a young adult now and our life has been relatively calm because we changed the way we lived. Our holidays are low key. (In fact, he still ignores Christmas and walks past the Christmas tree and all of his presents to go down the other end of the house, plop in his bean bag chair and watch tv. I’ve been dragging up the same bag of unwrapped presents from year to year.)

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